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four eyes.

When I was four years old I vaguely remember rummaging through my toy box and all of a sudden I had double the toys. I couldn't figure out why...But I didn't care. I remember being so happy I had so many toys that I grabbed one, ran to show my mom and then realized I had two of the same mom standing there too. Her face when she saw me wasn't as estatic as mine was. She looked worried & scared & yelled at me to uncross my eyes. I had no eye-dea (idea, get it) what she was talking about.

Turns out my eyes crossed. Like for good....After visiting specialists in NYC & Syracuse, It was inevitable that I needed double eye surgery. Being so young I only remember a couple key points of this... My parents bought me a little stuffed animal Curious George. ... I named him George. Probably because that was his name anyways... But I remember standing in my little four year old sized hospital gown. Setting George on the stretcher bed and helping the nurses wheel him down the hall.

They propped me up on the bed.. Attached a little oxygen mask thing to my face & they said pretty soon you will feel sleepy...

I then told them... "You won't be able to get to me sleep" So they said to count backwards from ten... I made it to 7. zZZzzZ

I really don't even remember waking up .. I mean I did obviously... But I don't remember much.. All I remember is running around the house with pirate patch on my eye. I remember my grandma Helen giving me eye drops all the time, and then handing me a red sucker on a paper stick.

Fast Forward to 31 years of age:

I think I'm getting lasik eye surgery done... This may not be a huge deal for some...But for me ...I'm scared to death. You are talking to a kid that would rather go to the dentist everyday of her life , than to go to the eye doctors once a year. I literally to this day drive my poor doctor nuts. Just two months ago I was sitting in his chair peeking through the giant thing with all the different lenses in it that looks like something from transformers...

Dr. B is like... "Is the little house blurrier now or now?.... or how about now?.. Ok and now? "

As i'm literally sitting there thinking they all look the same. Then he whips out the slides with the letters on them...

DR B: "Read me this line" (Line reads... E L T N ...)

Jesca: " UMMM E L T N "

DR. B : "Ok. Very good .. How about this one" > ( a much smaller T N E Z)

Jesca: "Uhhhh.. T H ... no is that an N? T N F 2? Idk ... ( as a push the machine away from my head....) I think i'm going cross eyed... am I cross eyed right now?"

Dr B: "No you are not cross-eyed"

It's a fear. A big one. I don't care to have double the toys anymore...I just want to always have straight eyeballs. Do NOT even get me started on the eye puffer test. Their mistake was they put me in a rolling chair.... When that little baby made its puff I went rolling backwards about 30 miles an hour through their office. Thing is like a damn jack in the box... You know its coming...But you dont know when...& it's literally never ever a pleasant surprise.

So..... What I am asking in this Blog is for anyone and everyone to give me their advice or experience on lasik eye surgery. Your thoughts..your opinions..your horror stories I suppose. ... I will be going to Center for Sight. They have been amazing so far & I think I really am looking forward to the end result.... NO more contacts ripping in half in my eyeball, No more poking my eyeballs with my fingers... No more glasses fogging up or slipping down my face.... Im ready! I think. I may need a cocktail.


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