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I read a book by its cover. Am I proud of this? No. Is it a bit shallow?! … most likely.  Do I love something aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely ..

Current sitch… I’m on a plane .  I got to the airport 2.5 hours early . Not because I’m an anxious psycho..  . But because I wanted to hit up the TSA precheck spot and sign a sister up….5 minutes. A background check… A picture where I’m not allowed to smile, and $78 later.. my wish was granted …

I had allotted 49 minutes for this process,  it took 5.. Then it was time for airport Security…

Agent- “Come on up, license & phone face down please … that’s a nice license picture , beautiful smile “

“Thanks! Did you see I’m an organ donor!”


Walking to the gate … I passed an airport bar responsibly ..  kept walking .. guess what?!… *Que the harp Noises*… an even nicer airport bar with a plethora of seating right by my gate ..

3 mimosas , 5 new friends,  3 business cards and a bite of a terrible breakfast burrito later I was sitting there alone …    Just Me & Dianne, the friendly lil bartender. $97 later and I hadn’t even left Cuse yet … That’s when u know you’re about to embark on a tiny holiday.

Over the loud speaker I heard them start the boarding for my flight … I thankfully made my way over to my gate with a strong ass Irish coffee my girl Dianne hooked me up with …. I waited for group 7.

Do you always just wonder who u might be sitting next to?  I booked my self an aisle seat per usual .  I hate bothering people when I have to tinkle ..  but guess what . I waltz up  to row 15 .. and here are two giant fellas squished next to each other in middle and window seat…

As I sat there extremely comfortably in the cushy aisle seat of row 15…  I looked at the fella next to me and said … “Would you like to switch? I can sit in the middle “   I’m a selfless bastard I tell ya.  But u know . This made both of these guys day.  Mostly because I feel they were just uncomfortably cozy sitting so close to one another .. It must be a man law or something .

The little things right?  This guy even offered to share a headphone with me to watch a Yellowstone marathon he was l thankful.   I declined . You know why .. cuz I bought myself a book today.  A book to read! As I stood in the lil airport store .. Staring at a sea of books .. this blush pink paperback with an upside bouquet of flowers on the cover was calling my name … was it the most aesthetically pleasing book on the shelves… I think so .. Did I read the back … yep. Intrigued me enough to drop a 20 spot .. & Guess what… I’ve read 33 pages .  Then had to pee and bother my nice aisle seat neighbor …   

But u know what.  This pretty pink book is brilliant … it’s clever . It’s real & sort of a knee slapper at times … who would have thought.   Pretty can be clever… Reading is fun….  When you have nothing else to do I suppose .   But it makes me think… about everything else I could be potentially judging by it’s cover.   I’m not specifically talking ugly fellas with great personalities .. .  I’m talking life .. … things that I may not want to do or be apart of .. because I may think one way… and it may turn out to be something totally different ….   Keeping an open mind is sort of important .  It’s enlightening … Sort of makes me want to purchase a hideous book when I finish this one and see how it goes .

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