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lookin up.

They say in life … learn from the past.  Embrace the future..Don’t look back.. Look forward …

Well, Have u ever taken a minute & stopped to just look up?!  I do that from time to time . I did that tonight.

On my way home at 9p from dinner … it was 44 degrees, the jeep top was back... Heat was blasting ...Oldies crooning .. for a split second .. I looked up… the sky was crystal clear. The stars were incredible … I stopped my car on county route something or other ..

I pulled over . I tossed my four ways on. I stopped everything … it felt right.. . I looked up.  It was almost as good as it gets .  It’s so humbling feeling so small.  It’s incredible thinking the universe is kind of a big deal … and i just live in it.  It’s a thing . And it just gives me this amazing little invigorating feeling . Slowing down. Pulling over . Taking a minute to look up.   It sets u straight .  It brings u back to where u need to be.   Like a little astrological chiropractor.   Gets your mind right .  Can I explain it? Not really… Could I try? Lol . Yes but it would be a lot of words and u would most like be more confused when I finish .

I signaled left to get back on the road and head home…. I was in such a head space . I swear as I was going 60 mph in the darkness a deer was staring at me on the edge of the road about to run out and we just nodded at each other in mutual respect …  I got home.  I walked in . Naturally, I checked behind the shower curtain for monsters like I do every night … I sat down on my oversized couch by the “crackling” little fire and blogged it out.   But for some reason.  I feel good. I feel like I got this.   Let it flow . Let it be .   

It’s lookin up.

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