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About Me

About Me

I’ve never been a very private person.  Never been good at secrets, and certainly have never accepted a compliment without a dramatic hairflip.  When someone asks me a simple question, I spill my guts.  Sometimes I literally watch as people try to escape my conversations and I refuse to let them. I love chatting.  Even when I am not exactly sure who you are, but for some reason I am super intrigued about how your kid (who I really don’t know either) is doing in school this year.   


I am a pretty happy person… like wicked happy actually.  I live my life by the ancient Chinese proverb “It is better to be happy than wise”… I found it in a fortune cookie forever ago. Taped it to my monitor..  I dig it.  I guess it’s sort of like “Ignorance is bliss” …. But then again, Ignorance isn’t my jam.  


I am a terrible test taker. Never apply myself. I can write a mean essay though. I literally may have no idea what the question is asking me, but I have found that if I talk myself in circles and throw a few quotes in there, I typically nail it.  Like dad said, D’s get degrees.  And besides, One time I came home with a 3.9 and he asked me who I cheated off of.    


Ive worked with my family in the car business for the last 10 years of my life.  It's been a blast to say the least.. It's been scary at times, and it's been hilarious…. all things that have set the bond between us even deeper.  I may have gotten so mad at my sister once that I pinched her arm in my office at the age of 28.  Normal stuff. Love you Billie.  And anyone we have worked with just knows not to bring up the “Hello Kitty Water Cooler Incident of 2015”  (shivers)


The last year of my life has been quite the ride.  Living it as respectfully as possible, keeping busy and learning to live/be alone.  I have found when you surround yourself with great people, you can’t go wrong.  I have had my first apartment, purchased my first home, Read the first 3 pages of book called “How to be a badass”, Did yoga in Sackets just so we could walk to tin pan for wine & live music afterwards, and also switched careers entirely.  


I am not a professional blogger. My blog won't even have a main focus. It will be as A.D.D as I am.  I don’t know that my life is wicked interesting. I do like to sled across the street from my house after wine night... I also enjoy dancing around my living room to Sinatra. I love force-feeding people Italian food and talking with my hands. Even though I am actually 75% irish. (Nobody knows this)  I was raised Italian.  You know, making cutlets instead of corned beef.  I don’t know how often I will post. But when I do, she’s all yours.

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