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You do you, boo boo

As I’m floating around my lil hot tub … I hydro-levitate from seat to seat & try them all… the lounger is a real struggle because I drown a little … but I sit here and I think about my life as I listen to my bluetooth speaker bellow throughout the woodlands...

There have been so many times in my life that I have felt “ Wow . Life really could not get any better than it is right now” .. “I hope this never ends” type deal… Then guess what. That shit ends …One door closes . Another is suppose to open.. But sometimes that door closes as fast I came sprinting out of the woods after that Haunted “Walk” I went to.  Sometimes u see it coming .. You can mentally prepare.  Sometimes it happens on a random night when you think all is well.

But like Alanis says… You live, You learn.

I’ve learned. I’ve learned to do it all. Be it all. Do the historic ghost tour.. then do the (as previously stated) Haunted walk... Where the scariest people jump out at you and you scream your face off while throwing the person you came with to the goblins... So you can continue running through the woods in high knees fashion escaping…  For Halloween, Be both girls..Dress as Barbie ... Then dress as a bad ass Harley fella....Go to the sports game, Do the Charity Gala, Ride the horses, Eat a hot dog, Do the fancy dinner.. Then do the dive bar.  Brush your hair .. or don’t brush your hair.. Don’t be vain.  There is so much fun in it all. Do it all.

When I scroll Instagram.. Sometimes it’s a lot of filters.  It’s the highlight reel. It’s everyone’s best life .. Showing each other how great our lives are in that moment. Highlights are what it should be … I think.  Do I post a lot? Lol rhetorical question .  Do I post sad stuff? Not really . That’s between me & everyone that wants to hear about it … or gets to hear about it against their will ..  But it’s not for the people on the gram.. Am I happy . Omg yes .  Am I lonely sometimes? Of course .  Currently.. My inbox might be full, but that one little section of my heart can be a little empty.

Is it fun and exciting navigating thru new convos & meeting new people . Sure is .  Letting life play itself out is everything . I always say … if it doesn’t fit , force it … but I’m kidding , I swear .  Let it flow. Surround yourself with the good people . My pal Marc Mero always says.. “

Your friends are like elevators.. They will either bring you up… or they will bring you down"

Know your people .  Know what truly & genuinely makes you happy.. Then go do that.  My whole life I have always been more worried about others than I have been myself .  That hasn’t gone away… but I’ve learned to balance it . I know what I need to do for me to be my best self & make myself the happiest … but the kicker is… making people happy is when I’m at my happiest. So I’m gonna do that too.

You do you boo boo.

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