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my hellcat of a father.

59 years ago today... Little Billy-boy was born. When I think of this glorious day... All I can picture is an adorbs little hazel-eyed boss baby making Italian hand gestures while cooing "goo-goo ga-ga" in a Bronx accent. Little did anybody know this little baby fella would literally break the mold... absolutely setting the standards to be a stand up fella. A genuine guy. A caring & compassionate man. A dude who would give a stranger the shirt off his back. A gent with the most killer work ethic. An (over)protector. A fella full of the funniest jokes, the wittiest punchlines, and the best sense of humor. Last but not least...A little hellcat of a fella that can't leave the dealership after work without doing a quarter mile burnout.

Through the years I have grown to idolize him more and more everyday. At the ripe ole age of 29 and three quarters, I still look to him for everything. He's my life coach, my mentor, but best of all...I get to call him my father. The relationship we have is like no other... If my outfit is off, he tells me... (#rare #outfitsarealwaysonpoint), If I need a piece of gum...He facepalms me away & tells me. He pumps me up if I am down...He brings me back to earth when girlfran needs that too. He would do anything for me and my sister. We know this. He doesn't have to tell us. He shows us...Every single day. With his words...His actions... In the way he pushes me away laughing (with a false look of disgust) when I try to nuzzle my head in for a forced hug while he's yelling "Get out of here" ... (Literally the funniest thing ever, Billie and I laugh hysterically).

He's a man that has made my sister and I work for everything we have... But he is the same man that will slip us a hundo from time to time in a sneaky manner for no apparent reason. Always teaching us the value of a dollar, But never letting us lack for a dang thing. One time he bought a beautiful hunting dog... & then realized the dog had nothing to hunt...So he bought the dog 100 pheasants... So generous.

Some things you don't have to tell people everyday. Some times they just know. They can feel it. It's a bond. A bond so unbreakable that I could just fall right over right this instant. So on this day, I'd like wish my father the happiest of Birthdays known to man... & at 6pm standard eastern time...I look forward to the group text from him with the "surprise coordinates" of where we are meeting him for birthday drinks... The fella definitely keeps life interesting.

Love you dad!

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