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Jesca the Explorer.

Oh. Hey. Remember me? The 30 something, blonde, blue-eyed, white toothed spastic blogger?

For now...I'm back. & trust me, I've missed you. Somehow...My life is back to Sinatra Pandora & wine by the night... Friends and family all day errryday. Currently homeless. sort of . Mooching off my parents. Living my best dang life. Scooting all over Pillar point on my Yamaha Vino... 50 cc's of pure thunder...buzzing through the Lake Ontario shorelines nightly. A seltzer in my cupholder & my little helmet in my basket instead of on my noggin because im a gosh dang animal.

Life is funny. Things seem to be fine. & then all of a sudden. You're back. You wake up. You're you again. You're bopping through life with a huge ass smile, carefree with responsibility... It certainly wasn't all smiles to get to this point. You basically drained your water levels in tears & sadness... but persevered. Now you're sitting on the countertop at night singing Etta James "Sunday kind of love" at the top of your lungs.

Exploration. Thats my new jam. Jesca the Explorer. I have plans. I want to have plans. I want adventure & spontaneity... Laughs & good times. & Guess what... Girlfran is gonna get it. From boat rides & dinners with your parents.... to letting your niece rip your hair out of your head while she laughs like a tiny crazy person, to dumb & dumber double scootering with your mom to her place... to chasing deer down the road on your scooter just trying to get home at night... Shit's wild. It's fun. It's just beginning. I feel that. Run on sentences ... I'm not afraid of you anymore. Because I'm just here trying to live my best life... Swiper no swiping.

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