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Cabins in the Woods.

Do you know what its like being a social butterfly that lives in the middle of the woods...Exhilerating actually... You know when I realized this? Tonight... I have rented the most perfect little cottage on the lake a quarter mile from my borrowed cabin... I'm on the lake...The sunsets are glorious. The sound of the waves on the rocks are glorious.... The cool breeze is glorious... You know what's not so glorious? The sound of the neighbors two feet away slamming their salty windows shut because Franky blue eyes is crooning too loudly from my deck...

but guess what.

Tomorrow night... It might be Fiddy might be Pearl might be 38 special....... Sometimes my nights start in Sinatra and end in Shoop...Copious amounts of wine/crown royal determine this. I will apologize in advance...My goal here? Invite these neighbors over and have them singing karaoke with me...because you know what.?!..if you can't beat em...Join em , right?

It's only Tuesday Folks.... I have big plans for the week. I have a dreamy bastard and his fam visiting me ...I have numerous #funboy floats to blow up and float on...I have restaurants across the water calling my name...I have dead lobsters in the freezer begging to be boiled.... shiz is going to be happy...and I am going to be unapologetic about it. Life is for living. Not sleeping. I am sort of sleepy tho... but life is most def NOT for slamming windows. Take it in people. Take it all in... I know I don't have the best singing voice from across the lake (or the living room) ...but gosh dangit just appreciate it and move on.

Here we go...Here we go ...Here we go again.... (shoop reference)

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