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Social Distancing

What on earth.

Social Distancing? People are asking me to social distance myself?! I am like the person who makes people uncomfortable because I lack even giving them the personal space they need sometimes. And, Listen I get it, But sister is struggling, . I cried yesterday. Very dramatic.. At that point I had been voluntarily self quarantined in the house for roughly 28 hours & I was probably sleeping for 9 of them. It was too long. Way too long.

People say it's politics... People say it's bologna... People have their opinions.... But guess what.. I don't care really. All I can do is live in the NOW. What is happening NOW. Why is this happening. Why do I have so much food in my house. Do I need more toilet paper? Why is this virus so different that it quite literally is shutting down our country. I gave up shopping for lent... But I didn't mean for this to happen. I hope this isn't my fault.

I left the house for a hot second yesterday and I felt like I was in the movie Blast from the Past. Where the fella was locked in a bomb shelter for 30 years of his life, then went up to civilization for supplies and realized the world was still turning. This is how dramatic 28 hours of lock down was for me. Although I do realize how important this is in these scary times. This is rough for everyone, especially extroverts.

My small business... reminds me of the Titanic, 6 hours after it hit the iceberg.

My Laundry, is caught up for the first time ever.

At 1pm, I sat through a seminar so I could at least learn something.

At 2:28 pm, I checked on the guinea pig.

At 1:59pm, I spoke with a client.

At 3:26pm. I had just gotten out of the hot tub. Even that was boring.

At 4:05pm, I checked on the guinea pig... still there.

At 4:37pm, I spoke with a client.

at 4:59pm, I poured wine.

I've been on countless conference calls, phone calls, stared & listened to Trump for hours... Stalked the new cases popping up daily... But mostly tried to steer away from fake news. The news that makes you frantic. I've thought long and hard about how to conquer these next few weeks from home and get my head set on straight. I need structure. I am however so thankful that I don't have young children to homeschool. I can barely handle all the ruckus in 32 year old Jesca's head.

I think i need to Put my phone down more...

Obviously, I will be at my clients beck & call... At all times.

I'll read a book.. or ten

I'll meditate? (good luck...squirrel!)

I'll eat healthy / Put myself through an at home fat camp

I'll work out / Go for Walks / Chase squirrels

I'll go fourwheeling

I'll build a fire pit like old times, from rocks!

Then maybe start a fire, with twigs!

I'll clean things! .. I don't do that really / Reorganize / Spring clean / Simplify my life

I'll Blog More?!


Any ideas let me know! I would literally love to learn what you guys are doing.. How you are doing.. How you are handling everything thus far. Leave it in comments or at!

I think we could make the best of this? I think this could wake us the heck up. It could potentially help us to notice what we have taken for granted... Maybe we could thrive on much less.

Stay safe out their pals. xoxo

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