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That's so last year.

I'm not going to lie...This morning I expected to arise from my slumber around 7 am with the sun shining, little birds chirping outside my window & the aroma of coffee swirling through the house.... I expected to have the urge hop up, throw on my new matchy matchy fabletics outfit...Make some healthy organic trendy breakfast, like avocado toast or something & then hop on my peloton and ride into the abyss.

It didn't happen. I woke up ... at 9:49...With a stuffy nose. My hair a hot mess. My faux fur eye mask dangling from my messy bun. Then I reached for a bottle of water because our room was so dry I was almost choking.... Wind & snow whipping outside the window.... & apparently I have to make my own coffee. I threw on last nights yoga pants and the first fuzzy thing i could find in my closet. I'm currently in my office binge watching YOU on Netflix while the Peloton is in my peripheral .

Expectations vs Reality right? This is one of the the things I'm going to make... (valley girl accent) " like so last year" . Sometimes I just have this perfect vision of life in my head and what I should be doing, or how something should be happening.... & then it pans out differently and disappoints me . Thats my own fault & This shiz needs to stop. This is probably the number one cause of anytime I am unhappy.

Everyone jokes my life is unicorns and rainbows. The good outweighs the bad every single a lot. and thankfully It really is unicorns and rainbows most of the time ... But sometimes its rainshowers & donkeys ... Thats ok too ya know. Because how could you appreciate the good if you don't know the bad too...

But legit... usually the issue is that I expected something to be perfect & it didn't turn out that way...So then I'm disappointed.

The biggest problem in life is the image in our heads of how something should be. Like last Valentines day for example. Last year I spent more time prepping dinner & doing the dishes than actually eating... & then watching a Dale Earnhardt documentary instead of an adorable RomCom... (eye roll) I made a feast of Lobster Tails & Filets... The filets didn't turn out .. The lobster was cold by the time everything else aligned and basically I thought dinner sucked. This made me sad & frustrated. It was suppose to be perfect. I then vowed that the following year I'm just going to order a heart shaped pizza & call it a day.

But what did I expect? If i didn't have such high expectations, the night would have been fine...But because Feb 14 was stamped Valentines Day a thousand years ago...a night of love and romance...(that should never include Dale Earnhardt).....Made me a little grumpy.. Goofy stuff. If it was Feb 15th.... It wouldn't have been a big deal.

I have all the things to make me the happiest women in the world.. Therefore, I plan to be. Therefore, I am. Remember when you wanted what you currently have... Or maybe you don't have it yet. This is your year. Make it your year. Be real about it though. I think its good to set expectations to an extent. Other wise you won't have goals or standards or things to strive for. I never plan to cook a crappy meal... But it happens...Thats reality. I think its important to expect certain things... But it's also important to realize that expecting everything to always be perfect is really just setting yourself up for failure or disappointment. So maybe 2020 should be more like...Hope for the best... But know that adulting is hard.

Cheers to 2020...& waking up like a Disney princess tomorrow morning.

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