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Stayyy Put Lasik... I'm coming for ya.


So. It's been a process. Turns out they want your eyeballs as healthy as possible prior to performing lasik eye surgery. Which I really shouldn't complain about. Im just impatient. Everyone at Center for Sight has literally been amazing & so fun.... And very patient for putting up with me. Turns out I have GPC. Giant Papilarry Conjunctivitis. Guess what... If you have worn contacts for 20 years or so... You might have it too... Join the club.

What sounds like a big ole STD for your eyeball is actually in my case from excessive contact wear. Contacts are my jam. I miss them. I have been stuck in my glasses for majority of the summer due to this little journey & the healing process of my GPC eyeballs. And even though these babies make me look super intelligent. I hate them.

If I am hot... They slip down my nose.

If I walk out of an air conditioned building into the heat.. They fog up.

I have also found that if I wear statement necklaces, it looks as if i'm trying too hard. Just have too much going on from the neck up.

I have also found that people ask me really hard questions because they assume I'm very knowledgable. Fake it til ya make it I guess.

The other day I was on my sisters drunk bus that she arranged for her 30th Birthday. I noticed one of her friends was wearing her glasses & I heard her talking about this crazy issue that she was having with her eyes. How they started to ache, then water, then got droopy, and she mentioned how she could have went blind..... At this point I'm so zoned in & totally snooping that I am staring at her with my mouth wide open basically... I finally butt in... I said.. "What did they say the cause was".... She replied... "Its called GPC"

At this point I literally jumped up and down yelling...


As if it was something to be super excited about. Then we started comparing eye drops and talking about why lasik is going to be amazing. But apparently she wants me to go through it first and see how I turn out... Loooove being the guinea pig.

My point here... Is that if you have worn contacts forever... & you want to keep your eyeballs....Have this checked out! Just incase!

I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming a couple weeks ago and went horse back riding through the mountains... I needed to wear my sunglasses but wasn't allowed to wear my contacts the whole trip due to GPC Healing...... so I had to pretty much go blind.

When I say blind it's really not that bad.. But I love blaming things on not being able to see very well. My mom & her horse were riding directly in front of me ...& her horse was soooo slow. My horse just wasn't having it... So my horse kept nipping at moms horses butt. Which would cause moms horse to buck up and jog off every time and send mom yelling. Omg... It was literally soooo funny. I blamed it on the fact I couldn't see well.

When I got back from Jackson I had a follow up appointment at The Center for Sight. They crack me up there. I literally have so much fun there as odd as that sounds. So they bring me in . Sit me down. Give me these little Masquarade goggles that I hold with one hand and they check how well I can see tiny letters on the board.

News Flash... I still suck at it.

The other day they mentioned how it seems I have a dry eye and am a partial blinker. I guess I blink a lot. Do you know how hard it is to not blink a lot? I gave up already.

So they decide to give me plugs in my eyes. These look like tiny blue thorns. Kyle came at me with needle nose pliers, blue thorn plugs, numbing drops and a consent from.

It got pretty dramatic. It went like this....

Me: "What are those? Wait what is this! Are those going in my eye?! What are you doing? What am I signing?"

Doc: " These plugs will help the natural moisture in your eyes"

Me: "Ok well what are these needle things? Do these drops sting?"

Jen: "Not really!"

Puts Drops in.


(eyeballs are numb now)

Apparently little kids can handle this. I really just need to start videoing my experiences, because to try to explain them just does not give it justice. I was laughing so hard as my Eyeballs were numb, my chin was on the machine with my forehead pressed up against it while holding on to the apparent handle bars... I felt like I was riding an optical motorcycle. I must have looked ridiculous.

I go back Monday & hopefully will have a better Idea of when I can actually have the surgery... But If it gets interesting Monday... Ill be sure to document this .

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