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Willpower is a goofy thing really. Only you can control it...and you really only control it when you want to..ya know?!...

Picture this... You're at a party...Theres a giant plate of brownies or whatever sweets you love... You mentally slap your own hand when you reach for a brownie and then look around smile a little embarrassed smile and say to your pals... "I literally have no willpower..." and then it seems justifiable to eat the brownie.

Thats legit my life.

I feel like I have been on a "diet' since I was ten. I used to beg my step mom to put me on one...Then go hide in a closet and eat a cookie.

I tried keto for a hot minute. First of all. HOW THE HECKKK can eating a bowl of Alfredo sauce with a side stick of butter be on the meal plan but god for bid you eat a slice of whole wheat toast... since when has that been okay?...blows my mind. Seems way too weird for me. But then I heard it makes your breath (among other things) smell anyways.. On to the next fad diet please!l

You know what kind of willpower is even more difficult to manage than the "shoving a brownie in your face one"??? The "don't text him paragraphs of craziness when your mad".... hahaha. This makes me laugh so hard. Im so bad at this. #womenthing #ihope

Sometimes... I know I shouldn't buy something... But ya know.. I just don't have the willpower ...So I do it. .... Very rarely have I regretted it I suppose... But how do you exercise willpower?... You want bigger muscles? Lift weights... You want whiter teeth, swish those babies with a mouthful of foamy ewwy peroxide. You want more willpower...What do you do.?

I googled this.

The first search I saw was a quote...

"I ate my willpower" #realcute

The Second was..

"Improve your willpower by not using willpower"


I tried to throw my willpower out the window the other day.. I was in Florida... Laying in the sun. I had just applied sunscreen when I reached down for my Dirty Banana Frozen drink...Stirred it up looked down at my finger... There was a big blob of whipped cream. JackPOT! I knew it wouldn't be calorically right or proper to lick my finger in public...But ya know ... I did it anyways. Guess what... that big blob was straight Australian gold spf 15. Once on my finger... Now in my mouth. Disgusting. As I was sitting there spitting it out and chugging more of my drink for a different taste ... I came to the realization that willpower is something you look back at & realize "BOYYYY it would have been worth trusting my gut"

Manipulate your environment it says... What even does this meannn!?!? .. Maybe put your running shoes in the cookie jar? So when you reach for a cookie your like ...Oh snap. Id rather go running!! .... Speaking of ... Having the willpower to wake up at 5:45 am to work out...Howwww does this get better or easier? Honestly... The best thing for me is at night when i'm setting my alarm and Scott bets me I won't get up... I always get a tad offended but always make sure I get up the next morning because lord knows I have to win the bet that this statement just turned into. Competitive little thangs we are. Too bad he doesn't even realize that Im winning. I should tell him.

I see that they sell a bracelet on Etsy that apparently exudes you with willpower, luck & self confidence... Just a couple low payments of $68.99... Im waiting for the ...But wait...Theres more!!! part. Reminds me of a news story I saw once were a women bought a golden locket off of eBay for tens of thousands of dollars because they claimed it had a rare ghost in it. How do people sell things like this and get away with it?! Who would buy this?! (me)

They say mentally prepare yourself for the opportunity that you may need to walk away or say no. Be prepared to walk awayyyy jesca. Maybe don't drive yourself to the Outlet Mall...Or don't go to Target for bread & Milk........ Or definitely don't drink that last glass of wine if you feel "sensitive jesca" awakening inside of you. ... walk awayyyy... Set it down! Because there is nothing good that sensitive jesca brings the table ... Do whats going to be best for you five minutes from now.....or tomorrow ... or anytime in the future really... Treat yourself don't cheat yourself as my gal pal Mrs Heise says... Have a brownie. Don't slap your wrist.. Chew that thing like a proud little lady... Just don't eat one every five minutes I guess.

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