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I went to NYC this weekend... Cost me $200 flight & hotel... a couple meals & a blow out at the Bryant Park Dry Bar. I loveeee NYC. Seriously. It's so fun. I prance around. I feel like such a grownup. I people watch, I stare... I talk to strangers. I sit up front with the uber drivers for the most part & I certainly smile from ear to ear majority of the time I'm there.

Christine & I flew down Friday night. We got to the airport 2 hours early because I worry. She thought that was ridiculous... It sort of was. There were 3 people in the security line but how could I know that ahead of time ya know?! So we drank wine & waited to board.

40 minutes later ...we are at JFK. People are running around frantic with bags on bags on bags. Tour busses are letting 39379834 people off . Business men & women are bustling around like they own the place. We hopped in our Uber. Got to the hotel. Unpacked a little, freshened up and we were off.

We went to a rooftop bar where there was a red velvet rope & a giant security guard that wanted to know if we had a reservation. Christine cooly gave her last name to the nice man & then he unhooked the rope. He then asked for our ID's.. I handed him my room key.. (by accident obvi) He looked at me funny & and I then realized.. So I snatched it back quickly & yelped...

'Rooom key! OMG but we just met" throwing my hands in the air with a fat smile & handed him my ID.

I laughed. Christine laughed. He wasn't as amused but showed us to the elevator . We each ordered a drink when we got upstairs and sipped it slowly because it costed a million dollars.

The next morning we woke up, dressed & bopped around Bryant Park /Times Square. We shopped a little, Ate some Organic trendy stuff & then went to the Dry Bar. This was amazing. They call your name... take you out back. Wash your hair . Massage your scalp.. Feed you wine... Style your hair.. Slap ya on the toosh and send ya on your way. I need this everyday.

Then our Gal Pals arrived! We went to a swanky baby shower, decorated some bibs, made some new pals & then went galavanting around 5th Avenue. If you haven't been to 5th Ave, this is the Avenue where its alllll looky & no touchy. You break it, you buy it. When you have a couple fancy friends like I do ... You can go into these stores & they actually take you seriously. They served us complimentary Champagne while we "shopped" ... I asked for seconds. Then one of the classy little sales fellas turns around and says...

"Ladies, please help her decide...Gold or Silver".... I turn around to see a tall fancy old stuffy lady modeling the same bag in different colors on each shoulder....

So naturally I responded immediately...

"Normally I would say Gold. But the silver matches your GIANT diamond earrings"

She looked at me shocked. Like she didn't want me to notice them or something. #eyeroll... I turned around & drank more champagne.

We went back to the room got ready for dinner. Have you everrrr in your life known the struggle of trying to get ready for a night on the town when you are a little chubby & all of your friends are gorgeous double zeros. What a nightmare. I almost had a breakdown. So frustrating. But they talked me off a ledge, pet my head, told me I was pretty & I learned to love myself again.

People in the city are different. Its not like Watertown. It's like everyone is trying to prove something.. Like how fancy & important they are. I'm too much for these people I have found. For example... After our snazzy dinner we were waiting into the doorway for our Uber. A couple was walking out... I grabbed & held the door for them & said

"Have a great night, thanks for dining at the Hunt & Fish Club"... As if I worked there. I found this hilarious. He shot me a look. Not a good one.

On the way home in the Uber, I sat up front. I asked Bakhrom how his night was going... If he had been busy.... Whats fun to do around here...... CRICKETS... He would not talk to me. All the girls in the back were dying laughing... I was dying laughing. It was like a challenge now... I had to keep asking him questions.... & NOTHING. I was laughing so hard. & because of my head cold I was literally doing that chain smoker wheeze laugh... Which made me laugh even harder. I read something once... It said

"You will be too much for some people...Those are not your people"

I dig this. Mostly because I cant change the way I am & honestly, I probably wouldn't bother anyways.

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