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Updated: Jul 1, 2022




(especially of a man) fond of home life and housework.

Sounds so boring right? Who the heck is fond of housework & sitting home all the time? How can you appreciate downtime & scrubbing floors if thats all you do?!

Saturday I ironed a pair of pants. First time in pretty much ever. Usually ill toss what's wrinkled in the dryer for a minute, let er roll around & heat up...Then they come out justttt good enough. Usually good enough isn't good enough for me...but when it comes to household chores.... Things are good enough. But, you know what?! I was very fancy Saturday & did a domesticated thing.

We had a company party last weekend... Dresses,Pearls, Slack & Ties.... I got there early... I checked into the room... Set down my 4 bags for the one night I was staying & then out of the corner of my eye saw a little ironing board peaking out from the closet. Ive seen these before... My mom is obsessed with ironing. I swear I used to see her iron the ironing board... Me...not so much.

So I unpacked our snazzy dress clothes. Laid them out nicely and right before my own eyes... his pants were wrinkled... Wrinkles everywhere. Not good. I was going to have to use it.

I pulled it out of the closet.. attempted to open it and it made that same screeching noise that every single ironing board makes when you open em up. The metal on metal rub... if I could spell what it sounded like it would be something like... "sssssssskkkkkkkkrrrrreeeeeeeep"

I ironed those pants like it was my job. Nailed it. Felt good about myself. I even took my socks off...Ironed them, then put them back on because it made them warm & toasty. But then it was time to put the ironing board away.... I swear to god it must have looked like I was wrestling a 7 foot gator.. What a struggle.

If I was a normal domesticated lady I feel as if I wouldn't be able to write a short blog about the struggles of using an ironing board. I feel it would be a normal day to day thing to for me. I feel bad sometimes that I'm not that lady; not for me... but for others. I think people should focus on what they're good at. So Ill do that.

When I looked up the exact definition of domesticated today I also found a quote.

"Its Better to live like a wild animal than a household pet.”

Wild animals? Come on. Thats a little strong..I like to go do fun things...But I enjoy being home...Dont get me wrong...I thinkkkkk there should be a happy medium there... Right? There are the "sleepy, happy pets that are content doing very little & And then there are the Golden Retrievers.... I only know a couple golden retrievers... But they are the happy medium like me... The one I know likes to lay around, chase bunnies, be spoiled & to be told she's a good girl....But she also gets so excited when I come to visit that she jumps up & ovary punches me every single time trying to lick my face... I think Im more like that.

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