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Guess what. I've been doing it! The alarm goes off at 6. I only hit snooze once these days. I grab my cell phone off the nightstand. Get out of bed. grab my work out clothes off the floor. start my car from the window. Walk around the pitch dark house like Helen Keller while wondering why I'm up this early. Brush my pearly whites & I'm off. Pulling in to the gym at 6:25 is always interesting. I do a mental car count of the parking lot to determine how busy it is. Find a parking spot. & hustle inside to get out of these crazyyy negative temperatures.

I walk in. I feel the warmth. My eyes adjust to the bright lights while the employee at the front desk says whats up... I smile & respond. I walk by the free weight section where I see a bunch of friendly big muscled fellas I know & we all exchange good mornings and I hop on the treadmill.

Ridddddle me this.... Ive never noticed how long a minute was until I started running.... It is ridiculous, I swear. I literally break it down in 15 second increments, do the mental math in my head of how much longer I have to go and just keep trying not breathe too heavily.. I read something once that said.... "I went for a jog the other day and everyone started clapping for me...Then I realized it was my thighs"...#struggleisreal

While I am on the treadmill in this purpley "Judgement Free Zone"... I find myself people watching like a mofo. All walks of life up in herrr. I love it. So intriguing. There's the people that started in the New Year like me... (& I'm stalking them everyday to make sure they keep showing up too) Theres people who you can tell have been going there forevs... I can tell this because they are in killer shape & don't wander around like a lost puppy like I do at times. There are also people there whose doctor sent them.. & there are people there who are retired & really just don't know what else to do at 6 am I suppose. HUAH. People taking gym selfies in the mirror...& people like me who would rather army crawl across the floor until they reach the end of the mirror. Quite a group. No judgement though. So thats fun!

Then I realize...people might be dissecting me too. I wonder what they see!? A bubbly happy little chubby running person who waves to everyone and pretty much screams "GOOOODMORNING WELCOME TO PLANET FITNESS" across the gym to every pal I see. Sometimes I head to a machine I think I know how to use...Then realize I don't... So I lean on it and pretend to stretch... Last thing I need is to end up facebook like one of those people using a machine wrong that everyone makes a mockery of.

My goal? Be that girl that runs for 40 minutes in that adorable little workout outfit, gliding like a gazelle with her pony tail swooshing every leap and bound.. Its gonna take a solid 6 months. Ill do it though. Mark my words.

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