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New year who dis?!

New year. New intentions. New Goals. My Plan.

I tell myself...

Be a morning person. Make your bed. Have ambition. Set your coffee the night before. Set your clothes out. Scroll insta and read motivational kick ass quotes. Love hard. Work hard. Play hard.

This shiz can transform your entire day. Apparently studies show that being a morning person will keep you more active, bright, and cheerful throughout the day as compared to when you oversleep. To be happy, your body needs to be well rested.. If you're cranky...You either overslept..underslept... or you just hate your life. I mean... I'm not going to lie.... There are some mornings I hate waking up ... But then I remember it's much better than not waking up . Last month I downloaded an app on my phone that listens and records my movements & breaths & such in my sleep... It tells me when I am in a deep sleep, a light sleep, when I get up to tinkle and if I snore. As intriguing as all of this is...I really wish it recorded when I sleep talk.. That would literally make my day. Maybe Ill invent it... (patent pending... don't steal my ideas) But the point of that alarm app is to wake you in your lightest REM cycle... Apparently when you arise from your slumber in your lightest sleep you're not groggy & miserable.... I tested this system out for three nights... Shiz worked... BUT! If you set your alarm for 6:30 am.... The alarm wakes you up between 6 am and 6:30. If you are in your lightest sleep at 6am...You better believe that little bastard is going to start ringing. This happened to me three mornings in a row. I tested it out. I jumped out of bed... walked around my room. realized I felt awake, alive & non-groggy....But then decided Ill start tomorrow & went back to sleep for an hour.

Set your intentions. Intentions to actually do what you intend to do. Be Proactive! GO GET EM TIGER... Growing up in a sales industry...I can basically talk myself in or out of anything on earth. I can justify it all. Break it down to the ridiculous. & finally reach a conclusion that makes sense. This is a good and bad thing. After I talk myself into going back to sleep instead of working out...I get annoyed with myself...Like have you ever finished a work out and said... "Wish I didn't do that?" Prob not. BUTTT Have you ever skipped a workout & then said " UGHH I wish I worked out today". .. A million times...Right? Ive done that wayyy too much. Im totally over it. Rome wasn't build in a day... But apparently they worked on it a lot.

Boost your own self-esteem... Know your worth...Don't settle for anything but success and happiness. People pleasing can be exhausting. Im a wicked people pleaser. Its my most annoying quality. I drive myself cray cray....Worrying about what others think about my life or what I am doing...Turns out, that that just makes me stressed & miserable. Always be respectful...but over thinking kills your happiness... I'm totally over it.

Be more mindful. Being mindful can help you make better decisions in life. Recognize the goodness. Recognize the love & luck in your life. Appreciate it. Don't be a Debbie Downer. Put good vibes into the universe. Be more present in the moment. Put down your damn cell phone Jesca.

Respect the past. Embrace your future. What has already been...has been. It's over. You cant change that shiz. Respect it, and then learn from it. I did a whole lot of this Q4 of this year. I made some changes in my life. Was finally out of the forest enough that I could see over the tree tops. Assessed what truly makes me happy & went back for that. So far, so good folks. One thing I learned from all of this is that I certainly talk to much. I need to keep my mouth shut a bit more... that would probably make for a more pleasant life as well. Less Blah Blah blah & more AHA! ... Moving on! Moving Forward... This girl is only looking back for recognized life lessons...Not resent & bad times. Totally over those.

Make the most out of everyday. Life has a lot to offer ya know. Your attitude is your state of mind. Somedays we would prefer to just sit in a warm pile of laundry and eat carbs... But other days you need to get out there and kill it! Its called Balance... Instead of limiting your capabilities, push yourself. Determine the quality of your own life.... Throw kindness around like confetti. Eat cake for Breakfast, then go for a jog.

Happy New Year pals.

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