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Thirty-One AF

On August 4th 2018... I woke up & was all of a sudden 31 years old. 31 is going to be a milestone for me. I'm pretty sure... Either it's going to the best year ever....or its the year I fall off a cliff...Literally. My whole life, the number 31 has followed me around. I look at the clock and its 3:31... or my overpriced dinner receipt reads $89.31 .... Everywhere I look.... it usually has a 31 in it. Some people may be like " Oh ya, whatever...its called a coincidence". Some may google the meaning & find out that its an angel number with meaning.... Others may google it and find out that majority of Hockey Goalies proudly sport the number 31. Or that you need to dial 31 to direct dial the Netherlands.... Regardless. Im 31now & I am going to make it amazing.

On my 31st birthday it was a spicy 82 degrees outside. The sun was shining. It was a great day. I shot commercials & then picked up my own birthday cake & decorations to drop off at my party venue. Because at 4pm that evening I threw myself The 2nd annual Jesca Invitational...a birthday golf tournament with 72 of my closest friends. It was the second year in a row of nine holes of not-so-serious golf... With prizes, an Italian buffet, live music & Alcoholic beverages at the finish line... Yes I threw my own party... Nobody else was going to... & Besides... I once heard if you want something done right...You Do it Yourself.

I feel like birthdays are sort of like New Years. You should have resolutions right? A way to better yourself for the next year of your life. There's always the typical...lose healthier. Be a better human...

My goals include:

To be more fiscally responsible .. (More saving $, less TjMaxx) ...

I want to travel more.

I want to expand my business.

I want to be a cool boss babe.

I want a fun summer whip.

I want to be the person my social media followers think I am.

I want to be tougher. I am too sensitive. It's annoying.

I want to blog more.

I plan to do all of this.

Since I have turned 31... A lot has happened that I didn't plan for.... I became a landlord. I became single. I moved to the Lake. A few unexpected twists & turns that good & bad... I've been handling the best I can. I have become a better Aunt. I've surrounded myself with great people. I've focused on my business. I've traveled around. I've Laughed a lot . Like A LOT .. (way more fun than crying) & I've Networked my toosh off.

Sunday night I was on an airplane headed back to SYR. I got to the Orlando airport really early... where myself & 344,354 others were herded through security like cattle. I tried to chat with a nice couple but they just stared and nodded at me.. Turns out they didn't speak english..I got my hand smacked when I tried to pet the drug dog. I found my gate, & then found a Mexican restaurant where I had a Margarita the size of my head & made three friends! I waited patiently for the nice Jet Blue lady to Welcome All Jetblue Passengers take our seats & store our carryons into the overhead compartments.

There I was ...a zillion feet in the air sitting next to a strange 5 year old. He was little... He was antsy.. He had a lion King pillow I was wishing he would share & He was kicking the seat in front of him yelling random weird things that truly made zero sense... Luckily I had my headphones in. The person on the other side of the aisle was in their 60s watching CNN... Learning about important, miserable stuff. The little boy was gleefully watching The Incredibles on his seatback television. As I sat there, I struggled on what to watch... I always strive to be a mature, well informed adult.... but I turned my TV to The Incredibles too.

As I sat there drinking Prosecco & with my five year old pal drinking his apple juice... We laughed simultaneously at our tv's while the older fella next to me was probably upset by CNN for some reason. I felt bad for him a little. One time I got a fortune cookie that said, "It is better to be happy than wise". I love this. For many reasons. While I realize CNN is important and informative for an adult living in the real world..... The Incredibles made me really happy in that moment.

Making yourself happy is everything. If you are sad, assess the situation or turn the channel (literally and figuratively) I truly understand that sadness isn't always a quick fix, but you can certainly take the necessary steps to make yourself happy again. Taking life too seriously won't get you anywhere in my eyes. Life isn't suppose to be boring. You aren't suppose to settle. You need to make a plan to crush your goals... Then you need to go and crush them. Do what makes you happy. EVERYDAY. Do what makes you laugh. Live for the best moments. Be in love with your life. Every Minute of it.

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