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a$$ for every seat

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

It's funny how things change in a day. Not for the worse by any means...but for the different. I know Im blessed on a daily. But I'm just talking how you go from living carefree in your comfort zone all la-di-da ... 6 bucks on starbucks, 100 at target on shiny things. 137.09 at Price Chopper on it seems like 5 vegetables and a gallon of milk... to sitting at the dining room table with a glass of wine, listening to Sinatra pandora.. Scheduling and dissecting your finances because you accidentally found a cottage you need to have. A cottage that you can already picture your entire family and your fellas family at ... some kayaking... some floating in my giant 6 person unicorn float...some jumping off the end of the dock. Some having a fire on the deck during a killer clam bake on a hot summer night. Seems perfect right!?!.. But... (DJ sounds...ricka ricka ricka rewind) you have to pay for that. Shiz isn't free. So as I sit here penciling in every cent I have , what I owe, my down payment, and how I can rob Peter to pay Paul because I need to make this shiz happen, I felt like blogging....

Dad always says... "Theres an a$$ for every seat"... I've typically connected that to cars & significant others.... Teal Green PT Cruiser? Theres an a$$ for that. Star trek loving fella that love cats.... Theres an a$$ for that! And I mean literally a little lady tush....... I'm not judging. I mean I like wine and Sinatra...Hopefully there is an a$$ for that.....but wine and Sinatra may be as foreign to the star trek loving fella as cats and star trek are to me. So to each their own. I respect that.

But you know what belongs in this cottage?! My a$$... And my families a$$es. So as I am sitting here making sure I have the means to make this work . I am thinking... I hope my house sells quickly.. Because if there was an instant a$$ for that seat...I could buy the cottage tomorrow..... In the meantime I should sell this couch...Oh wait..I use it daily... ... I'm thinking...Does anyone owe me money?? "I def don't need to eat out anymore".& that I should savor this wine, because I'm not gonna buy any more after this...(I don't think)... Also, I can prob find enough food in this house to last a month without buying anything other than milk and eggs. Is there anything I bought recently that I can return? OMG EBAY! Auction time bitches!

Dad also taught me..

"Jess, When making a deal...Always be prepared to walk away"

Life lesson right there. I always say..

"Omg for sure dad"

Always teaching me to never get overly excited or too attached to anything, Don't tell everyone about your business until its concrete.. To constantly remind myself that if for some reason this deal goes south...or just doesn't work out... It's just business. To treat it like a business deal. Wriiiiite it offffffff Jesca....

I wish I was more like my dad... or like my dad thinks I am...even though he can read me like a book.... Prepared to walk away... But unfortunately I already picture myself sitting on a cloud in heaven watching the generations under me celebrating fourth of July from this cottage I passed down to them.

But then again Dad's word is gold. I could want a Pink elephant...and want that pink elephant soo bad. but then dad says...Pink elephants are stupid! You know what is cool?! Purple Hippos....You should get a purple Hippo... And all of a sudden I find myself at my dining room table drinking wine listening to Sinatra trying to figure out how to obtain a Purple hippo. Pink elephants are so last year.

Heres to hoping... & but then again..just in case...Heres to Purple Hippos.

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