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Greener Pastures

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

You know what they say? The grass is greener on the other side... Know what I heard once ... that the grass is the greenest where you water it.

Think about that shiz. The simple fact that everything may look a little greener...or A little brighter than yours from another side . But it literally could be the angle you’re viewing those little green blades. Maybe you’re standing in your own shadow on your side and can’t comprehend the brilliance of your own grass. Sort of like how my dad always says... “You’re so far in the forest your can’t see over the tree tops.” Back it up. Reassess the Sitch... Unless you find that you are watering the crap out of your grass and it looks amazing from above and then when u feel it it turns out it’s fake AstroTurf . Then you have a problem. But seriously. If your world is rainbows and unicorns & your biggest fight is over a sandwich.... (I’m too sensitive) You have it good . I have it good. But once in a while I seem to find some tiny thing to complain about..usually minuscule and totally blown out of proportion... I’m like a story fisherman... I catch a story... and every time I tell it it gets bigger and bigger and more and more dramatic... .& then I step back and reassess the sitch .... Looking over at other peoples grass I sure am glad I have mine. Some people have pastures. Some people have cornfields . Some are mazes . But I’m pretty sure mine is just green fluffy grass with a slight hill to roll down for entertainment purposes . But if I know my life is so good.. why do I get worked up over the stupidest things. My dad says it’s cuz I’m like my mother . But omg it’s like a chemical imbalance of my sensitivity neurons. I can go from super happy to pouty puppy eyes in two seconds. Then I think about it... write a blog and then I’m usually better. It’s sort of like when I have a fat day and the girl next to me that’s a double zero says she having a fat day too. Like is she serious?! I’m actually the one that’s chubby here. But just cuz she’s skinny doesn’t mean she may not feel fat... poor lady doesn’t know the difference. Sometimes we just have to feel what we feel. I know pain & loss. I have felt it. It’s crushed me. But as bad as u may have it ....Somebody always has it worse. Every single time. And as green as your grass may be... somebody’s will always seem greener . But as a wise man once told me at dinner after I said... “Don’t fill up on bread!” He took another bite...Looked right at me and stated... “You just worry about yourself” & That is exactly what we need to do.

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