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Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Have you ever dated a person that shows very little emotion on their face? I swear to god this is so intriguing to me... Coming from a gal that wears every single emotion on her sleeve & has about a babillion different facial expressions that are used on a daily... One would have to be Helen Keller not to know how I am feeling at every single second of the day. But everyone is different right?! There's an ass for every seat, right?

Sometimes you realize... You don't have to smile all day errryday to prove that you are happy. Not everyone gets as excited as I get . I understand that. I'm sort of weirdo. Not everyone watches Rocky & gets so into that they duck, bob and weave from the living room couch while watching the fights. I'm just a go big or go home I suppose. No point in half assing something. Like even when you're sad or down... My god I do that so well. Cant shake it for the life of me.... But typically I mentally abuse the situation from every angle and then move along with my life. You know why? Because I have it good... I am literally the luckiest lady in the entire universe. Yet, sometimes forgetting that my life truly has never ever been better than it is right now.

The other day I was in an elevator with two business people...A fella & a lady... I politely asked the what floor they needed and pressed the appropriate buttons... The nice lady complimented me on my shirt... The convo went like this.

Nice Lady: I love that shirt.

Me: OMG! Thank you! Me too! I got it at TJ Maxx like two days ago! it was only like 12.99 too!

Nice Lady: (smiles awkwardly)

Me: Do you go to TJ Maxx much?! They have a ton of fun stuff. I just bought a house in December and they have a ton of adorbs things for your house! I go there a lot.

Elevator door opens... She sprints out.

Me: (looking at business man still on elevator as door closes) "I always say too much. I could have just said thank you."

Business Man: (Akward smile)

I think i can be overwhelming. I mean...I mean well. But I just literally have no chill. I am super super excited about the smallest things. You know what excites me the most?! Making people happy. And Im not talking small "I like your shirt" type compliments...Even though sometimes... "I just reallllly like that shirt" I mean going out of my way to make others happy. This isn't a post where Im all like....

"Just bought the five people behind me at starbucks drive thru a latte #happyfriday #yolo #payitforward " type thing. Its not anything I want credit for. I just legit am the happiest when I know others around me are happy. So gf goes to town to do so.

I was in NYC last week .... We dined in Little Italy... Drank 5 bottles of Chianti...Ate like Kings & Queens... An older italian waiter was walking around humming "Runaround Sue" under his breath. So naturally I said... "I LOVE THAT SONG"... So you know what happened.. We capitalized on that moment and started dancing around Mulberry Street at 1130pm. Once my companions pried me out of there we finished our evening at the rooftop bar located at our hotel. The place was packed. Happy people, creepy people, perfectly dressed people, sloppy people.... It was amazing. It was a people watchers dream... So guess what I tried to do. Order a drink. God for bid, apparently! The bartender was the grumpiest lady I had ever laid eyes on. Here she has people throwing money at her, making money on money on money.... with the best views on earth, and a bartending gig most would kill for. She was absolutely miserable.... So it was at that point after waiting 232323523 minutes for my drink... Then I paid the wench and said . "Sorry to bother you" & walked away.

People need to wake up. Sometimes they are so far in the forest that they just can't see over the treetops. Im guilty of this too sometimes. The other day I just wasn't having the best day. But seriously. If you're alive & healthy....get over it. Make it work, Make things happen. Look around... Appreciate what you have. #payitforward #bethehappiest


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