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You know what is so fun?! Fourwheeling! You know what is wicked fun too?! Finding out that macho grown men are reading and enjoying your blog. You know what is even more fun than that?! Telling your boyfriend that you have more than 5 followers now on your "garbage blog" He makes fun of it, but I guarantee he secretly reads it...(What up Dreammmmmboat)

You know what else is wicked fun. Life.

Yesterday we loaded up the atv's & headed to a benefit ride on tug hill. It was a frigid 39 degrees & raining. But man oh man, there is nothing better than freezing cold rain pelting your face at 50 mph... It is pretty much what I would imagine getting shot in the face with birdshot would feel like. Assuming I understand what birdshot bullets are? I think they scatter into multiple little bullets or something. I don't hunt. Regardless...Shiz hurts. I was cold. I was soaking wet. I was muddy. It was miserable. I was smiling.

Then we arrived to a warm, dark place that served Mic Ultra & Chicken wings. It was full of great people, laughter, comradery & good times. & you know what happened while we were there...The sun came out.. It always does... It always will.

The ride home was much more enjoyable. Voyaging over fallen tree trunks, through 4 ft deep mud pits, baby ponds & wooded forests . I learned four lessons...

1. Slow down around corners

2. Don't follow Scott Webb too closely unless you want to get bombed in the shoulder, teeth or goggles with giant mud grenades.

3. Also, While you are watching Scott Webb do a wheelie for a mile, you should remember to watch where you are going as well. (sorry mom)

4. Don't smile while driving through puddles... You get mud in your teeth.

There is nothing like getting together with your friends and fam to support a family in need. Support systems are everything. Friends are everything. Mental support, Monetary Support... They are both worth their weight in gold in times like these. Sometimes life can bring you freezing cold, dark, rainy, dreary days.... But just know, The Sun will be back. It always comes back. It always will.

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