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glass half full.

Have you ever lived across the street from a golf course/restaurant? Me either…Until now. It's sort of amazing…especially when you are the friend they wouldn’t let go out until midnight in college, just so you could hang until 2… when you’re the lightweight of the group …it's a little tougher…Wanna solve all your problems? Buy a house a across from Wine Night Wednesdays.

White out snow storm in the winter? Put on those Joan of Arc Sorels and trek across that snowy abyss. Visit your pals, have some laughs, enjoy your pinot noir, be home in bed by 9..…but tie a safety rope to your door knob incase it's so bad you can’t see where you are going on the way home.

You know what else you realize?!...You can scan the cars in the parking lot comfortably from your living room to see who is there.... prior to trotting over. As fun as drinking wine alone an dancing around your living room to sinatra is… You can still feel as you are missing something... Even when life seems lovely… you can still feeeeel you are still missing something.

Believe it or not there is more to life than wine and Sinatra. Four months ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me differently, but four months ago I didn’t have a job I was obsessed with or an amazing insta-fam . It's crazy how things change in a year…let alone a few months…lets alone the second you start texting a dreamboat and just can’t stop won’t stop.

Life is crazy. Life is spontaneous. Life is anything but predictable. As I paid my respects at calling hours tonight to a great fella an his family… You think… You think hard.. All while standing in a creepy funeral home…waiting for that empty rocking chair in the corner to start rocking… Life could unexpectedly be over in a split second. Are you happy?! Understanding not everything is within reach, or within your control….but are you happy?? Is your glass half full?! Because honestly... It needs to be... If I died tomorrow…. I wouldn’t regret a thing. My family knows I love them & would do absolutely anything for them… My friends know…. My Insta-fam…

I live my life everyday with every single emotion I feel on my sleeve…. Can't help it. My poker face is absolutely nonexistent. I got booted from doing cancer benefit ads on the radio because "She sounds too happy” …I AM NOT HAPPY about cancer! It's not my fault I have a perma-smile when I speak…Cancer doesn’t make me happy. What the heck. People are cray.

Long story short....(you will learn I always say this...yet all my stories are sooo long) ...Things change in an instant.... for better or for worse.... You can't control a dang thing. So live it. Live it to the absolute fullest of your capacity. Every day is different, Every week & month progress into something crazier that you can't predict ... Don't hold grudges, don't be hard headed.. Don't fight over petty things... It's not worth it. You know what is worth it ? Being the better person. Living a happy life... a healthy lifestyle..(less butter ,more wine) You do you booboo, but do it right. You get one shot pals.

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