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easter magic.

As I'm sitting here wide awake since 6:18 am on Easter morning... waiting for everyone to wake up because I literally got up in the middle of the night to set the stage as if the easter bunny dropped off two of the sickest baskets known to man...  I realize how Important this stuff is to me ... when we walk downstairs.... there will be a nice basket in each fluffy white chair , symmetrically lined up &  packed the the brim with care... waiting for them under the warm glow of a faux antler chandelier .   

For one ....setting the stage is super important to me. Although my slumber party pals are 14 & 45... and I'm assuming they probably know the easter bunny is a fictitious creature.... it's the magic of it.   The fact that when they see these easter gifts sitting there, one will squeal in joy and the other will roll his eyes but secretly be super happy on the inside.  

And two.... Knowing of course Easter or any holiday is not about the gifts. But little tiny baby Jesus...The pancake breakfast, the time spent together & with family. That's the true magic of it.  That's the part that never gets old to me.   

Although leaving carrots out last night would have been pushing it ...  (crazy lady status). That was one of my favorite parts growing up.  It always blew my mind. I'd wake up... rip downstairs to see my glowing Easter basket and half of the carrots We left out to be long gone...with the remainder of them having buck tooth Rabbit teeth marks in them. Absolutely remarkable. Legit astonishing. This was one of main reasons that when I was informed the bunny wasn't real I snapped back at my mom and said... "well if he's not real then how do the buck tooth rabbit teeth marks get there?!"  How did mom do that?

As I'm about to force myself back to sleep as my insta-fam snores away... it's a beautiful thing to sit here with my head propped on my pillow and reminisce of the best easter memories... it's an even more beautiful thing to think that in an hour or two, I'll be making more. 

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