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the wrangler wave.

My step mom let me borrow her Jeep Wrangler....Primarily so I could take the tops off when it's nice out & let my golden locks flow... but you know what I totally forgot about?! The fact that every single jeep wrangler owner waves to one another . Like a secret underground society that nobody talks about... in which you tend to figure out rather quickly . Long story short, I love waving. I love hugs. I love smiling at strangers. So as I'm cruisin down Rte 3 and my fellow wrangler folk are waving to me I couldn't figure it out at first.... So naturally I'd smile and wave back.... then it clicked ... the secret jeep wrangler waving rule. The fact that when you own/borrow a wrangler... every single Jeep Wrangler owner in the world is your new best pal. An Instant camaraderie that starts the second you slide that shifter in drive .

So now my biggest dilemma is what kind of wave do I wave? The cool hand flick of "hey what's up" while my left paw rests on the steering wheel? The little groovy peace sign? A cool cat head nod... or my current fave... "Smile like crazy while waving my right hand back & forth like an ecstatic madwoman". Ya I'll stick with that one.

I have found that I enjoy these wrangler rules and regs so much that I am having trouble stopping waving when I find that I am no longer in my Jeep. I see a Jeep & I wave...It's a habit now... Wondering why my people aren't waving back as I am standing there Jeepless. Duh! They don't know I have a wrangler! I'm just waving. Like a weirdo....

But when push comes to shove... I think the world needs to be more like wrangler owners. Why can't we just wave... to absolutely everyone?! And just be happy little campers on a daily! Why can't the world be a little more like Whoville. While I understand it may be far fetched for us all to be adorable jolly villagers that hold hands & sing in synchrony ...But it wouldn't necessarily be a terrible thing if certain folks hearts grew three sizes ... There's nothing wrong with a little wave ..What's wrong with spreading a little lovin. Jeep or No Jeep.

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