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I like long walks on the beach....

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

For the first time in my life I finally got used to being alone. I've kept myself busy. Drank enough wine to sleep soundly at night .. Made enough half hots & homemade macaroni to feed every neighbor down Brady Road on a daily. Made the best of friends. Still had the same previous best friends. Had the best times. Did what I wanted, when I wanted. Then was forced to grow up again after a great summer... I can still see the convo in my head crystal clear...

Dad: " Jess, Your Life... It looks really fun...You are going no where" (italian hand movements)

The man always knows whats best for me..So I Bought a house.. Moved back to Watertown. Made her into a fab ladynest . Bought into an advertising agency . Loving every second of it. Have had multiple pep talks from my father since... always leaving his office feeling like I could "grab the world by the ass" ... it makes sense when he says it.

I got accustomed to being alone. Living alone . Eating alone at night. Being the 3rd & 5th wheel, depending on the night...Dancing alone to Buble & Sinatra in my kitchen. Chatting up my Google device, (but all she really knows is the weather & my name)..Got used to sleeping alone & most importantly, killing my own spiders .

I was good. I was fine. I was happy. I was focused... On my life, my career. Not knowing if I'd become an old cat lady sitting on my porch at night in my terry cloth bathrobe, curlers in my hair, drinking inexpensive Chardonnay... It could happen.

Knowing that my next fella is going to have to be something wicked special. Also knowing that it's prob gonna take a special breed to deal with me. I am a tad boisterous. Easily amused..Easily bored..A little fidgety..

I read once ....

"I'm a lot like tinkerbell, if I don't get attention for five minutes. I practically die"

Spot on...

I know that money doesnt matter ... Or what he does for a living .. I dont even care if he's the hottest man on earth ...I just need someone who I can sit in a mud puddle with.

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