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bluetooth record player.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

You know. Grandpa FX always told me that I am an old soul. Seems crazy right. But then again. its Monday. at 9:10 pm... Im sleepy. I cooked myself a nice meal... Poured myself a glass of cabernet. Looked out the front window... And there is my fourth favorite fella in the world pulling up in front of my house.... the UPS man. A man that can brighten any gals day when he steps out of his truck in that terrible brown suit carrying a matching brown cardboard box that reads "Amazon Prime" across the top. Then you immediately think to yourself... "OMG YAY!" Followed by..."Should I meet him at the door? No...Or should I hide until he drops the box and walks back to his truck and takes off.... No, I should meet him at the door... don't act desperate jesca"... as I am trying to remember what I ordered two business days ago.

As I grabbed the sharpest object in my vicinity I literally ran with it (sorry mom) & sliced that puppy open so fast. And to my surprise... there she was. My girl Etta James... On Vinyl. Record Players are a beautiful thing.... I absolutely love setting the record on the ole spinner.... pressing start & watching the needle pick up and set itself down so gently on the vinyl..Then comes that scratchy, crackling sound. The best! Then you sit down for what seems like 4 minutes to relax...and she stops. Like what?! Its been like two songs! Time to flip the record. This is the worst part. Where's Dobby when you need him. GF is comfy.

But anyways! This is what I am saying! What 29 and half year old does this. I know every word. Of every song that is as old as dirt. People practically throw tomatoes at me when I play Sinatra on juke boxes (Tana). She says I kill the mood. But don't get me wrong... I do dig me some Fetty Wap from time to time...Some trap queen...Some "glocks in my Rrari" But like I stated in a previously blog...its about balance. Theres a tiny litttttle tiny part of me that is a gangster hoodrat. The other 98 percent is full of crooners, wine, slow dancing and now blogging. I guess I'm a romantic. Grandpa was right. Im pretty old school. I have very traditional ways...Except when it comes to women in the workplace I guess. I can cook & clean with the best of em...I hate laundry. So I must not quite be from that era...Those housewives in the movies seem to love pushing those wet soapy clothes over the washboards.... Plus, you know what I love?! .. Working. There is something about landing an opportunity...Meeting new people, and cutting fresh deals that is so exhilarating to me. Uhhhhh Hold on....Record needs to be flipped.

So, Even though I am an old soul... I also have a modern twist to me. As Im sitting here, I am starting to realize ...I am sort of like a bluetooth record player myself. Old school at heart...Modern flare... Bluetooth capability. (My voice carries) with a dash of Fetty wap...

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