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1 year & 360 days.

As the oldest of two, (1 year & 360 days older) my sister has always been the one that blows me out of the water when it comes to being responsible.. In life...In our finances.. &just in general really.….While she is rocking a cardigan with a hole in the armpit, I am rocking Ann Taylors latest Icon piece that I just had to have because it was labeled an icon piece. As a Business Management & Marketing Major At Nazareth College, you would think I would know what they were doing there….. I am every marketers dream… Every informercial sucks me in like a free donut to Walt Young….. even though I know better every time. BUT WAIT!! THERE'S MORE!

While I was at Disney World doing an internship for no other reason than to galavant around the parks in my free time and flirt with International Interns at Epcot... Billie was working hard for the family business and bought her first house by the age of 20. By 22, she had sold that and moved into a different one….by 24, bored again... she rented out that house and bought another….Meanwhile, she’s wearing last years Ann Taylor Icon hand-me-downs Cuz obvi I’ve moved on to this years trending piece.

As I trot around without a worry in the world.. She worries. She's a caring little lady. A tad judgmental towards me at times, but she loves me. She's my best gal pal. She worries that I don't worry enough. Girl has my back. She's younger, yet wiser. Has a resting bitch face sometimes, But she won't have nearly as many wrinkles as I will when we grow up because of it. She gets mad at me when we walk into a place... Mostly because I love to hug people... usually after I hug a person, they go in for a hug from her... She doesn't like this. She doesn't love hugs as much as I do.

On our 8th and 6th birthday...I helped her organize her birthday money... Since our birthdays are five days apart, Mom always did joint family parties. So one night as we were finishing up leftover cake... I pooled all of our money together. I told her that I would give her 10 One dollar bills, and I would ONLY keep the 5 Ten dollar bills... I'm the best.

Every time we go out to eat she finds a hair in her food. She said it's not fair I never find one...and my reply was..."Well, Ive never really looked"

In many ways, she is lightyears ahead of me. I look up to her...We have the best times together. She has a family now. It's a beautiful thing to see her so happy...planning her wedding...tending to her 4 month old & 5 year old step daughter.. All the while I'm home nursing a dead plant. I literally just hung up with her... She's trying to get Kingston to sleep and just let the dog out... I am sitting on my living room floor, typing away, drinking tea & singing maroon five at the top of my lungs.

She doesn't break the rules. She does things that makes sense. I sit on the floor next to my beautiful couch. I work from my dining table that a room away from my desk. She's buys a laptop because she needs it, I buy one because its gold and pretty. I admire her. I love her. I would be lost without her.


I chose the picture above because it's one of the few times, I have outsmarted her. It's nice to look back on.

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