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Agnes the sheepdog.

I want a dog. Sort of. I think I do. I love the idea of a dog. & not a little fluffy purse pup... I want an old English sheepdog and I want to name her Agnes. It was on a list of old English names that Siri provided for me .. seems to fit. I want a galpal...Aggy I will call her...Her & I will cruise everywhere together! ...Tunes blasting while she sits shotgun. Windows down. Our long locks blowing in the wind. I can picture it now. Ill brush her hair hair at night, and tell her jokes. Feed her treats & take her fourwheeling. Take her to the lake... Dress her up for Easter... She's going to be a classy little broad.

And then with every phenomenal idea I think I have, comes the family critique:

Dad... "Get one! You need something to settle u down" (as he's searching Google for me)

Billie- "She's gonna be so lonely while you're at wine night"

Mom- "I'm not watching her every time U take off for a weekend"

John Murphy - (business partner galore) "You live too mobile of a life!"

Scott- "If u get a dog it will look like the plant in your living room" (the plant is currently playing dead)

Where's the trust right?! I would never let anything happen to ole Aggy... Other than the fact I could potentially "pet the sheepdog bald" (what can I say. I'm a little lover) I think we would have a blast . I don't understand why they are so worried... Here my little sister has a human baby...she does just fine... Meanwhile they make me sit down while I hold him & I really didn't mean to give him back to her so fast the other day when he started spitting up... But it doesn't necessarily mean that I couldn't handle a dog!! I have found that when your life is primarily all unicorns and rainbows, people really don't take u seriously. I can be wicked serious. (Straight face) But my dad says to never make an emotional decision. So I'll be sure to think this through...Thoroughly. But at the end of the day... Agnes... Mama's comin for ya .

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